What others have to say about Adolescent Males and Homosexuality: The Search for Self

"Dr. Chabin's book is not only a much-needed and deeply informative clinical resource, but also a moving and fascinating read. It is written in a style that encourages the reader to experience the open-minded discovery of the sort these young men themselves need in order to find and create their own identities. A very useful book for clinicians working with teenagers or any clients who are thinking about sexuality and sexual orientation."
- Anne Gustafson, PhD, LMFT, ATR-BC, Community Mental Health Center Director

"What a comprehensive and compassionate resource for developing and seasoned mental health professionals who are committed to expanding their expertise with LGBT youth! The psychological, cultural, historic and religious roadblocks to self acceptance for LGBT youth are clearly presented to the reader. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, THE CASE STUDIES EMPHASIZE METHODS AND INTERVENTIONS TO CREATE HOPE AND RELILIENCY IN MARGINALIZED YOUTH WHO HAVE THE POTENTIAL TO BECOME INCREDIBLE LGBT ADULTS AND LEADERS."
- Dann Grindeman, Ph.D. ,Professor and Co-Director of Clinical Placement, Phillips Graduate Institute

"Recommended for everyone in the mental health field and those who work with adolescents either in schools or community agencies; human sexuality classes; all who study adolescent development as well as those studying cultural diversity and LGBT issues ... Background and discussion of the science, psychology, cultural aspects, religious aspects, and adolescent development involved is provided ... A wonderful and insightful in-depth discussion of how several adolescents navigated the uncharted waters of their sexual orientation.

The confusion and suffering experienced by these adolescents can be understood in a world where being gay in high school is still often being an outsider. Those who don't fit in experience loneliness, isolation, and fear rejection. This book tells the story of three adolescents who manage, more or less successfully, to become the people that they really are–their path to individuation. Much has been written on the interaction and acceptance of the external world to those who are not completely heterosexual. This book tells the inner story of the turmoil that often is generated by feelings that are hard to understand, explain, and accept. Often these are feelings that make someone very different from everyone else (a crime in adolescence), engender great concern and confusion, and are often profoundly difficult to understand. The process of adaptation and acceptance varies between individuals. We should not forget that many suffer tremendous internal turmoil during this process, and most of the time it takes place without the support of those around the person, including the family."

- Harry Drasin, MD PsyD Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine, UCLA Department of Medicine

"His book (Dr. Chabin's) is the book my older self wishes I could have handed to my younger self's family, friends, teachers and others. The first chapters of the book would have contextualized my struggles inside a larger struggle, and assured me and those around me that I was indeed not alone in my moment in history nor any moment in history. The final chapters of his book would have given me friends in the journey - Gabriel, Murphy and Logan - fellow travelers along the difficult path of coming to understand, know, and ultimately accept both who we are and how we are... And there is something powerful in the storyteller. That is what Brad is to me, a storyteller whose stories are aimed right at the heart of healing."
- Forward by Jennifer Leigh Selig, Ph.D., Professor of Depth Psychology, Pacifica Graduate Institute