About Therapy

The word psychology means "the study of psyche" or soul. It is possible, therefore, to understand psychotherapy as a study of sorts, a discovery really, of the inner world of a client in search of what is healing. It is an effort, jointly undertaken by the therapist and client, at discovery of the client's important feelings, experiences, goals, thoughts and concerns. Through that discovery, new solutions and insights may develop that further healing.

Most of the focus of therapy includes discussions about presenting issues and concerns, a discussion conducted in a safe, understanding and confidential environment. Theoretically, I work primarily using the concepts of Depth Psychology, a perspective based on the ideas of many of the founding fathers of psychology like Freud and Jung but that also considers authors like Joseph Campbell, the long-time educator, author and mythologist. At the same time, I view each client as unique and believe that no single theoretical model can fully meet the needs of any person. Therefore, my approach is eclectic and I may use techniques borrowed from many theoretical perspectives.